Invest in your love.



Know your worth.

Our clients understand their value. Quality photographs is the base, but there is so much more with wedding photography. Like us, you value the experience. To have full confidence in your Photographers. We create space for you to feel comfortable, and authentic. So you can walk away with photographs that you love... memories full of beautiful and real emotion.

Pricing & Packages


from: $5300

Wedding Collection Essentials: Two Photographers. Planning Tools such as location guides, professional timeline guidance and tips for you day! Online gallery with High Resolution images with print release.

Elopements & Micro

from: $4500

Micro Wedding Collection Essentials: Two Photographers. Planning Tools such as location guides, professional timeline guidance and tips for you day!

Elopement Collection Essentials: All the above plus options for planning/planning assistance.


from: $500

Engagement Collection Essentials: Two Photographers. Planning Tools such as location and outfit guide. Planning assistance. Depending on the location we have Tips for making sure your engagement is a success.


How far out should I book?

We recommend between a year and 7 months. However you can book sooner and even if your wedding is next month you should still reach out.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client values photography. They want to be swept away for sunset photos and are excited about it. We also love clients that embrace the unknown. It's raining... great! Lets run in the rain. There is a pool... awesome. Let's jump in it!

What is your booking process?

First we like to meet with all our potential clients to see if we vibe. Wedding photography is so intimate and we want to make sure you feel at home with us. Then we send you a detailed breakdown of everything we discuss. If your are ready to move forward we send you the contract and the invoice for the 25% retainer.

Do you give RAW files?

In the words of Professor Slughorn, "The answer is still no. Absolutely and unequivocally no." We take great pride and our craft from start to finish and that includes editing.

What is your turn around time?

No one wants to wait for photos! We have a fast 60day turn around time.

What makes you different form other wedding photographers?

Knowing our clients and communication. From our initial meeting we put great effort into knowing our clients desires as individual. Your likes, dislikes, hobbies and make notes on everything. We review these leading up to the wedding and see how we can incorporate them into your photography. One of the main things our clients say about us is how well we communicate.

What are your prices?

We believe in transparency. That is why have our prices listed. See prices listed above on the investment page. Also in our initial meeting we do a detailed breakdown on all our packages. We send you home with all the info no strings attached so you can feel confident in your wedding photography choice.

Do you travel for Weddings/Elopements?

Yes! 50% of our clients are out of state, As of now we do not charge for travel in the continental US and Puerto Rico. We will also happily travel out of the US and we do have package options for that as well.

Do you offer Albums & Prints?

Yes! All our packages included at least one album, but you can order more as well as prints at any time though your client portal.

How many photos will I get?

We do not promise a specific amount but we do not have limit either. We do offer more editing in our larger packages and we do go over averages in our meeting. However if you would rather us promise a specific amount we can definitely do that!




Hiring Desiree and Raul was probably the best decision we made in planning our wedding. From the moment they arrived they were so sweet and helpful. Des and Raul were very professional and an absolute joy to work and spend the day with. We were nervous about being in front of the camera but they were so good at putting us at ease and keeping the day fun and lighthearted. I just got our preview photos and was absolutely blown away by how beautiful they are!


Desiree and Raul are the ultimate dream team for wedding photography!

I would plan a million weddings during a pandemic if that meant I could work with Des and Raul again!! We hired them for our wedding and engagement shoot. They are extremely talented and their passion for craft bleeds through the pictures. There is no one better to execute our vision than them. So happy we found them for our big day!!