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You deserve the perfect day

Timeless, Dynamic & Authentic

There is something so wonderful about a wedding. Everyone gathers with one goal in mind - - To celebrate love. Soon they’ll celebrate yours.

Do you want to know what rocks about that? That it can be whatever you want!

Do you picture getting married in a great hall with “floating” candles? Yes! Maybe you want to walk down the aisle wearing a red wedding dress while blasting Jimmy Fontana’s “Il Mondo”? Quirky and unforgettable. Or maybe “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is more your speed and you picture an aisle that fills with water just before you walk down it barefoot? I’m crying!

What we’re getting at is that your wedding is the one time you should never settle because everything should be catered to you.

So don’t compromise. Take a second to feel before assembling the group of dreamers that are ready to celebrate your love in the style of… you.

After all, this is your story. We’re just here to make it eternal.


Capturing the authentic and showing its beauty

As Raleigh Wedding Photographers, we pride ourselves on capturing the beauty and uniqueness of each wedding in this vibrant city. From downtown Raleigh’s charming streets to its serene landscapes, we know every nook and cranny. Our experience has allowed us to document countless love stories against Raleigh’s stunning venues and picturesque scenery. Whether it’s an intimate garden ceremony or a grand celebration at a historic landmark, we are dedicated to making your wedding photography dreams come true.

A deep desire not only to observe and appreciate beauty but to actively engage with it and become a part of it.

Aesthete (aes-thete)



Ezer Photo is the perfect choice if you want to feel the coolest you've ever felt on your wedding day! Not only are Desiree & Raul genuinely wonderful people with fun personalities and poised professionalism, but they are wickedly amazing at what they can capture! From the close-up detail shots to the epic styled shots with our entire bridal party family, and the tender portraits of me and my husband...I love every photo in my gallery!