Fall in love with Sam & David’s stunning wedding featuring sunsets, bubbles, fun, and tropical mondtera. Another highlight is Sam’s special dress featuring a cape we could not help but show off by playing with it in the wind. Being in Santa Monica meant being close to the beach. The California beach which meant we got a jaw dropping sunset. Santa Monica meant we could also get some urban shots adding some variety to the shoot and showing off our gorgeous couple to all of the passerby’s. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing a bride walking down the street with her lucky groom? No one, that’s who. Due to restrictions they had a smaller guest count, coming in at under 50, which meant they were able to spend quality time with everyone in attendance. Everyone who came out to witness their love story coming to this milestone and entering its next chapter.

Hiring Desiree and Raul was probably the best decision we made in planning our wedding. From the moment they arrived they were so sweet and helpful. They went above and beyond their duties as photographers and helped us pin personal flowers, put on the veil and wrangle people. Des and Raul were very professional and an absolute joy to work and spend the day with. We were nervous about being in front of the camera but they were so good at putting us at ease and keeping the day fun and lighthearted. I just got our preview photos and was absolutely blown away by how beautiful they are! We’re just regular and admittedly awkward people and they made us look fantastic. Thank you Des and Raul for making our day and giving us photos we will treasure forever!