These free sprits knew exactly what they wanted and what was important to them. A low key, intimate elopement followed by a reception with family and close friends was just it! You could really tell how much the people in their lives mean to them.

There was dancing, pizza, and beer. Everything you needed for a good time!

Within Compass Rose Brewery the decor was wood lined with rustic metal. Patches of leafy greens littered with colors of red and white, all lit with warm light and candles.

Simply beautiful.

Des was such a gem!! She made the whole process very easy and her warm personality made her enjoyable to work with. We had to move our photo location inside due to rain, but the photos came out phenomenal anyways. Des sent me a sneak preview the night of the event, posted a blog about our event, and shared a few other photos in advance of receiving all of them! It really got us excited to see the rest! We loved the personal touches she included all along the way. Hire Des and you will be so happy with the decision!

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