Ashley & Micaiah shared their vows on a dock overlooking a beautiful lake surrounded by towering trees and loved ones. Ashley was stunning and Micaiah exuded confidence. So much went into this wedding and you could feel how much their unity meant to everyone in attendance. The day started out with he usual nerves but those seemed to melt away the moment they lay eyes on each other for the first time; the first look and then… a moment with the only other person IN this with you. The two of you taking each other in, admiring each other, and talking with each other… alone (well, kind of ;D). The beautiful ceremony was followed by another moment where they exchanged gifts and Micaiah certainly got more than he expected when Ashley gave him a deeply intimate gift. The gift of spicy photos. And boy did they have the desired effect! With these two there was no denying the palpable energy, love, and attraction towards each other. Prepared to publicly commit themselves to each other and spend a life of moments together, taking each other in, admiring one another, and talking about the time Micaiah almost collapsed because the heat was too real!