A year ago today I married my husband, Raul.

And, if I am being honest, it’s been… normal.

We lived with my parents, and both worked Jobs that were less than desirable. Then, Raul got a better job, we argued, we laughed, we got an apartment, I went full time with photography, and we got a dog.

And, just like Iceland, its not all “insta-worthy.”

In Iceland we saw beautiful sites, stayed at an airbnb right in the heart of the city, couldn’t afford eating out so we cooked everyday, swam in a hot spring, walked for miles to see a crashed plane (underwhelming), walked on a black sand beach, got scammed by a car company, and had our breath taken away by the northern lights (overwhelming).

Unimaginable highs intermingled with unforgettable lows.

I will say that a lot of parts of Iceland and this last year were really hard, but I would not change who was with me through them all.


Okay, so enough of that!

Please enjoy these photos… and bits of commentary in-between.


Don’t worry, it’s the door on the right!

We learned quickly the food was stupid expensive. $18 for a bowl or soup. Soup! Luckily we were walking distance from a grocery store (:


After shopping we explored the city.


Coffee time! Not going to lie, we were totally acting like children with the sugar cubes! We might have taken a few. Raul is so tired. Also shameless ring photo.


First venture out we didn’t go far. Stoped by this small town because it was getting dark. We now call it the town of Goodney because of a girl we met who worked at the ice-cream shop. We never actually looked up name of the town so we named it after her. (: There were some horses we wanted to pet and she let us know that was okay. We also learned people in Iceland don’t have guns. lol.


Now that we were settled and a bit more comfortable it was off to see Iceland!


We drove about 10mins away from this spot and it was like we were in a different place. It went from sunshine and 70 to rainy and 60.


Back to the city for more coffee! This time with chocolate!


Not too far from Reykjavik when we kept driving by what looked like a park so we decided to check it out. We found out that it was a fault line that created falls.


More coffee!


Last coffees in Iceland!




Well, that’s our trip. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Sorry it took a year! <3